Dear OM, (X)YL and other (HAM Radio) interested, Be welcome !

On this pages, you will find some information about LX1TZ.

I will update this pages during the next time, so it may be that some pages are missing or not yet available or/and the navigations links are not active yet.

I’ll try to get lx1tz.info online to still provide information about hamradio in LX!

Feel free to surf around and come back to check for further updates…

73 de Steve LX1TZ

My personal Vitae

Born in 1973, Highshool until 1991.

Military Service until 1994.

As a federal employe, I work for the Ministery of Defence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as attached to the civilian staff of the Luxembourg Army.

Before this, I worked in Belgium at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels and at the SHAPE in Mons as member of the diplomatic technical staff of the Representation of Luxembourg to NATO, SHAPE and EU.

Since 2004 I’m luckily married to Anne and we have no children yet.

By the way, to the family also counts 3 furets – and since December 2008 also a dog, Lumos – a white shepherd! Perhaps some photos will follow ...

My hamradio Vitae

My interest for radio and technical communication starts about 1987 with CB radio.

At this time, all CB radio equipment had to be inspected and authorized by the national instances. After authorizing my equipment, the responsible of the service asked me: “You came here now for several years to have agreement for your equipment! Would you not like to do ‘real’ radio, for having communications all over the world?” Knowing nothing about Hamradio, I was totally impressed, that this could be possible. The OM told me severals about how to become a Hamradio operator too.

So it was in 1992 that my interest of Hamradio started. There was an evening course offered by the Luxembourg national amateur radio league RL, and I take part in that course. Due to professional reasons, I could not finish the course and so I did not make the radio exam.

In 2005, I revisited the course. In february 2006 I then finally passed the radio exam!

Since end of february 2006, I am in possession of a Hamradio Licence Class A and proud of it!

Unfortunately, I live in a rented apartment and therefore I don´t have any room for (big) antennas. So I can not be active on HF, but occasionally I´m QRV on 2m.

The next QTH will be more functional in this point and I hope to become more active…

Non hamradio interests

My other interest consist in computer and IT technology.

I am interested in computers in general, using only MAC, no PC anymore - Apple rules the world! . Besides I´m the webmaster of several websites. Specially interested in CMS, I (try to) work with Wordpress, Joomla, …

Besides computer related stuff, I´m ‘daddy’ of 5 little furets and a dog, trying to have builded my next QTH, member of the executive comite of several NGO’s, …

My favorite music interprets and groups are:

Manowar, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica!

As sports, I practiced Aïkido! A great art! If yo've never tried, you have to try it once, if you are in martial, you will love it! It's so harmony and peaceful...

Beside the Aïkido, I love shooting (a louder form of meditation), specially long rifle range, ... But I shoot only for recreation, not in competition!

I'll also like to go hiking with my wife and our dog.
Occasionally together we'll do also some geocaching.

Here are some links:

National Luxembourg Aïkido Federation (FNAL)
Fédération Luxembourgeoise du Tir Sportif (FLTAS)

QSL informations

QSL card exchange only via bureau

Direct QSL cards or any IRC & Co are not accepted !!!

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